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Organic internet search is based upon the natural ranking of your website determined by search engine algorithms which can also be maximized with good SEO practices. In contrast, paid internet search requires paying for your website to appear in search engine results when someone looks out for specific keywords relevant to your website. The fee to be paid for a paid search is either based on the number clicks or view of your ads.

A combined marketing strategy employs both search engine optimization and paid search for your website to appear for the maximum number of times online when searched for relevant specific keywords .Our SEO team at Sai Webtel designs an optimal SEO strategy that generates more website traffic and leads to greater conversion of visitors into business leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization for top rankings in internet based search is the first step towards online success. SEO experts at Sai Webtel develop innovative SEO strategies for your website that brings about natural listings in search engines and also improves the conversion into substantial leads. Our experts also look after the restructuring of your website so that selected keywords are targeted for achieving top page rankings in search engines. Are you committed to see your business in first page? We know exactly how.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Perhaps it is the biggest challenge to keep your sales force engaged with qualified leads. Consistent and an accurate lead generation is imperative for the survival of your online business in the internet marketing arena where staying on top of the search results is the only survival strategy. Expert SEO team at Sai Webtel designs lead generation campaigns that generates qualified leads that surely converts into sales.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay per click campaigns help to position your website in  a target niche market, converting relevant search traffic into customers. Pay per click campaigns can be turned into successful online marketing tools if there is a steady marketing budget for marketing activities. Our SEO team helps in gaining instant targeted traffic making your brand visible and accessible for all.SEO web experts at Sai Webtel manage your PPC campaigns through optimization techniques such as keyword refinement, bid management ,ad scheduling ,quality score management and geo targeting that help your business excel .

Banner and Affiliate Ads

Banners and affiliate ads have proven to be strong marketing tools for online businesses. Our creative designing  team understands your business requirements and designs customized banner ads for placing at the affiliate site so as to target the relevant visitors by leaving a heart winning impression .Our research team puts a considerable amount of effort to determine targeted keywords for your successful brand promotions. We also help you in finding trustworthy affiliates who help you in substantially increasing your business conversion rates.

E mail Marketing

E mail marketing is the proven and an inexpensive internet marketing tool for businesses. It is the most important vehicle for reaching a large database of new and existing customers. E mail marketing targets unique personal preferences of the customers that yields maximum results.

Our dedicated professionals concentrate on your corporate strategies and discover potential consumers for your business by searching online. Contact our creative team to understand how e-mail marketing can benefit your business in developing fresh opportunities leveraging our creative expertise.

Analysis and consulting

Consulting team  at Sai Webtel takes pride in introducing ourselves as online business analysts and consultants offering result-oriented and time tested online consultancy to fulfill your business objectives and grow your business.

As business analysts, we analyze your business requirements, keep an eye on the market trends and develop customizable cutting edge business solutions .As consultants, we help you at every stage of the business development cycle right from  strategic planning to leveraging robust technology .Come and grow your business with us.

Steps we always take in all projects

  • Conceptualization

    As a professional company, our SEO Services comprehensively focuses on understanding of short, unique and long keywords in the domain to target the right set of audience and abide to Search engine technical guidelines.

  • Brainstorming

    It’s important for us to do research to see what the most searched keywords are and plug those into your content, and so fast! No, not so fast. We take our time, research and find the best keywords to optimize your website’s search capabilities.

  • Execution

    Our approach to SEO is methodological & technically advance. We love using premium SEO tools to bring you real long term analysis & results.

  • Refining

    We; go superior & beyond the bounds abiding to basic principles and deliver our expertise to define, shape, refine or repair your Website or Web Application.

  • Finalization

    At SaiWebtel, before we get it for audience; your site is assessed to finalize the scope for the search engine campaign on various factors like Accessibility, Design, Texts, Multimedia, Links, Networking, Indexation and more.

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