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We have collaborated with healthcare industry and developed core expertise in customized software solutions and Hospital website design. We have been dealing with healthcare clients including leading medicos, medical clinics and corporate medical groups and delivered cutting –edge solutions as our humble contribution in making our country one of the prime centers for medical destination.

Doctors and hospital websites

We design customized websites for doctors and for medical institutes and hospitals. We not only just design websites but also maintain them for our clients.

Understanding of Jargons

We understand the medical world quite well, encoding and decoding its jargons, slangs, terminology in appropriate manner. Our domain experts with their experience are well versed with the medical jargons and terminology put their enhance medical glossary to make the solution more effective.

Patient Centric Design

We provide web based management systems  for a secure delivery of electronic health records ,personal health records and also relevant information to patients, doctors and insurance companies. We also help the organizations in implementing the latest healthcare web designs that involve smooth registrations and departure process reducing the waiting time at OPD and IPD registration.

Content Development

We realize that it is important to promote healthcare and hospital websites globally. Our creative team handles the complete online marketing process ranging from compiling engaging content to branding to business development for the healthcare industry.

Medical Tourism Expertise

Medical tourism has revolutionized the global healthcare industry as patients across the globe are combining vacation with medical care so as to cut huge treatment costs or avoid long waiting periods. We develop innovative and customizable software solutions that help in managing core administrative activities such as insurance policy handling,case management ,treatment plans and also claim handling.

Interactive Applications

Interactive Applications  We offer interactive web applications for the convenience and ease of patients that help them in making smooth registrations and departure process reducing the waiting time at OPD and IPD registration for easing


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